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Why pay for expensive ads and marketing that drive mainly clicks, when there is a simpler and better solution?

Pay only for qualified customer calls instead…..SIMPLE!

Do away with the complication, the uncertainty, the time and money expenditure of running advertising and marketing campaigns....cut through all of that and go directly to getting more customer telephone enquiries. Our customer acquisition service specialises in getting your phone ringing with new prospective customers.

As a pure play performance based marketing agency here's what we discovered when we began focusing on results based solutions for our clients.

In a Google study conducted in 2016, it was found that over 50 percent of online search is done on a mobile device, and when searches are done for local goods and services from a mobile device, the majority of the time the intention of the searcher is that they want to do business right now. The reasoning is down to pattern behaviour of mobile users. For example, someone on a mobile device may be looking for the opening times of their local health club or the telephone number of their nearest Italian restaurant.  So we focus on attracting mobile phone leads.

If you compare this to people who browse the internet from a desktop or laptop, the search behaviour is different. They tend to do more research type google searches. This type of online traffic will happily click through websites and advertisements as they research for what it is they are looking for before making a decision. And as you know if you have done any online advertising, every time someone clicks on an ad, it costs the advertiser money.  That gets expensive unless you know what you're doing. smartphone telephone leads are mostly buyers As the Google study in the above image indicates, local search on a smart phone for local goods and service are by and large by people who already know what they want and if they follow up with a call, it is simply to verify whether that business can help.

Many searches online on the other hand for say a desktop computer, are more often than not by people who are still undecided on what it is they actually want. This is the main reason businesses struggle to get new customers with affordable online advertisements because they are using their marketing budget for clicks from the un-deciders and people who are just browsing the web generally.

Invest In Telephone Leads Not Clickers

If you are looking for new customers, which of these would you prefer?

  1. A web visitor that clicks on an advertisement that you placed online and who visits your website, the majority of which leave without taking any action (meaning high bounce rate), or
  2. Someone who is searching on their mobile device for a  local service and then clicks on a "click to call" ad to speak to that business?

As obvious as it may sound, someone who does a search on their mobile device then clicks a "call ad" from their smart phone is much more likely to want to make a purchase today compared with someone who clicks on an ad that takes them to a website, simply because they've got their phone in their hand and are making the call.

Yet despite this according to a 2014 Forrester Report, 34 percent of digital advertising goes on display advertising (i.e number 1 above), despite a large chunk of that money being spent on clickers that take no further action. As an online customer acquisition company, we specialise in targeting customers who are ready to speak to businesses today and direct those calls to companies that can help with those inquiries.

Simple Risk Free Service

Instead of paying for expensive pay per click advertising or time consuming online marketing through social media or google search, all of which cost businesses in time or money with no guaranteed result, you just pay for real customer calls instead.

It's a low to risk free service because upfront you will know what it will cost you to get your phone to ring with prospective new customers. From surveys of service based businesses, we found that most business owners prefer to keep things simple when it comes to acquiring new customers. We also understand that the most small business owners are just too busy running their businesses. They don’t have the time, interest or large marketing budgets to do complicated online marketing, whether social media, paid advertising or search engine optimisation (SEO), especially when there's no guarantee that they will get new customers.

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Our focus has shifted to helping businesses with a simple service that filters out all the tire kickers to bring live customer call inquiries. So, instead of "hoping" that the next web visitor that clicks on your online advertisement or clicks through to your website will pick up the phone and call you, our service gives greater peace of mind because you'll get actual calls in real time.

Get Exclusive Leads

With our service there is no sharing of leads, unlike with many other well known services such Home Advisor, Angie's List and Thumbtack that share leads with up to 5 other businesses and you get charged whether you get the business or not. Also, none of these big companies offer live phone leads directly to your business phone number, so you're actually paying for clickers, which often works out very expensive.

Check Out What Customers Are Saying Online

When you search for reviews on what other business owners think of these well known lead generation companies, you'll find that they seem to attract a lot of negative comments. However, given the size of these companies and the number of leads they generate it could be argued that companies that have a lot of customers will always appear to attract a disproportionate amount of negative reviews. Perhaps that's true or perhaps business owners are expressing genuine concerns.

That being said, if you're looking for an alternative service to companies like Home Advisor, Angie's List or Thumbtack and the like. Or you're a business owner who's frustrated with the quality of leads and the amount that these high profile lead generation companies charge for the quality of leads provided, then why not contact us today and give us a try instead? There's no long term commitments or upfront fees, and we'll make it as risk-free as possible for you to get started with confidence.

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