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Performance ad network of 1500 websites and apps

Performance Advertising Ad Platform


Cost Per Revenue or Performance advertising is attractive to many local businesses, whether it’s restaurants, roofing contractors, kitchen remodelling, or heating & air conditioning companies, because businesses get ad impressions and clicks on a national ad network for free, and only pay when a sale happens and the customer actually pays for the product or service.

The Empyr Network, also known as the Card Linked Offer Program (CLO Program), is the first ad platform to offer true zero cost performance advertising to offline businesses.

The ad network's strategic partnership with payment processors Visa, MasterCard & American Express, gives the network the ability to track all purchases via payment processors' card network. The ad network is made up of large high traffic sites such as Yelp, Microsoft Earn, LivingSocial’s Restaurant Plus program, Virgin,’s Rewards program, Swagbucks, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and many others, in total over 1500+ websites and apps that make up the ad network, giving local business advertisers access to over 100 million+ customers and consumers across the US.

How card linked ad network works

1. Create a cashback offer for your performance advertBusiness Creates a Cash Back Offer

Restaurants, food & hospitality, retail stores and local services, etc. create offers such as a 10% cash back to attract customers to use their services or buy their products.


Promote your business offer for freeThe Offer Promoted on Ad Network at Zero Cost!

Example of Yelp Advertised Offer

Example Yelp Advertised Offer

The ad network members...i.e. search engines, airlines, banks and over 1500 other high traffic organisations promote the local business offers on their websites and apps for free. Advertisers, such as local businesses, pay nothing upfront to have their offers shown to over 100 million customers on the ad network.


3. Interested customers link their visa card to the cashback offerCustomer Links Debit & Credit Card to the Offer

consumers link their card with the p4p offer

When a customer sees an offer on one of the many participating websites or apps on the network and clicks to accept, they complete a short online form that links their debit or credit card to the specific OFFER.


4. consumers shop at your business location to accept your offerCustomer Shops At Location to Redeem Offer

Customers redeem an offer when they connect (physically or via phone, etc) with the local business and pays for the product or service with their linked card. Upon doing so:-

  1. The business immediately collects 100% of the transaction value - there is no deduction for the customer's cashback or for the advertising fee as a result of the sale.
  2. The customer is automatically notified of their cashback reward upon paying the bill.
  3. Qualified cashback payments are deposited monthly into customers' bank accounts.
  4. The business is emailed a bill every month for the advertising commission for all redeemed and paid for sales.

There is no software, hardware or staff training required. All linked transactions are tracked automatically by the advertising network and everything is taken care of seamlessly.

All sales are recorded in real-time and available to view by the advertiser 24/7 via the ad network's secure admin dashboard.


Real-time Reporting On In-store Sales

ad network reporting dashboard shows revenue clicks and impressionsAdvertisers can track online impressions all the way through to in-store sales via the admin dashboard.

The real-time dashboard can be viewed at any time whether at the office on the desktop computer or out and about on a cell phone. Advertising businesses will also find out how their promotions are performing in real-time and how many sales have been added to their bottom line through the ad network.

Deploys Smart Tech Advertising

The technology deployed on the Empyr network is intelligent. A clever algorithm is used that recognises when a customer has shopped at a local store or restaurant for example, and automatically places more ads in front of that customer inviting them to try other local business services that are congruent to their previous buying habits.

It's a simple, effective and easy to use ad platform that gets local businesses more customers and sales.

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