How to Advertise For Free With Pay Per Performance Advertising

What is Performance Advertising & Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, performance advertising, also variously referred to as performance marketing and pay per performance advertising and marketing is...

"a pricing model whereby a marketing agency will receive a bounty from an advertiser [business] for each new lead or new customer obtained for the advertiser through the agency's online marketing efforts. The agency creates advertising campaigns and promotions to convert the maximum number of new leads or customers and gets paid for its work only when a new lead or a new customer is passed on to the advertiser." []

An advertiser is simply an individual, company or organisation that places an advertisement in order to target customers [Business Dictionary]

In a performance advertising model the onus is on the marketing agency to build out a marketing and advertising campaign that actually generates quality leads and customers for the advertiser. The agency does not get paid unless leads and customers are generated for the advertiser, .

In traditional advertising, like newspaper advertising, social media or even pay per click (PPC) advertising, the advertising company pays for the cost of advertising -  for every click or for setting up a social media campaign - irrespective of whether leads or new customers are generated.

In other words, with traditional advertising & marketing the financial risk is on the advertising company. In performance marketing the financial risk is with the marketing agency - failure to generate new leads or customers for the business client will result in not being paid.

A Performance Advertising Service In Collaboration With Visa, MasterCard & American Express

The Empyr Ad Network is a performance advertising platform set up in association with payment processors Visa, MasterCard and American Express. With over 1,500 high traffic, highly visible online publishers (the network) that combined have exposure to over 100 million consumers across the US, this ad network is the first of its kind to provide local businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services on big brand websites and apps with no upfront cost.

For business that are tired of paying advertising costs to Google or Facebook with no visible return on investment, this marks a major shift to the traditional advertising model.

See the slide below to get a better understanding of how this performance ad platform works.


No Upfront Cost Advertising

With no upfront cost to a business to advertise on the network, it is entirely free for businesses to get seen alongside companies like Bank of America, Virgin, Yelp and many other well known brands and not pay anything for clicks or views as it has no bearing on costs. Advertising businesses only pay an advertising commission plus any cashback offered to customers, when a customer actually makes a purchase i.e takes up an offer that is being advertised and pays for it.

Online incentivised marketing campaigns such as coupon promotions are frequently criticised because many customers don't like having to carry coupons or they simply forget to redeem an offer. In addition, many businesses have expressed reluctance to use coupon type advertising promotions because many require the use of technology (e.g scanners or apps to scan coupons) and staff training on how to manage the incentive program.

By contrast, the empyr program doesn't require any equipment or staff training. The technology behind the systems works seamless and requires no input whatsoever from the business. Customers don't need to download apps, coupons or anything like that, they just need to register their Visa, MasterCard or Amex card when they take up an offer though the Empry network. It's very simple to use for both businesses and prospective customers and there is no contract, so a business can leave at any time.

Advertising businesses have 24/7 secure access to all real-time reporting on all new customer sales, revenue, cashback, etc.

To find out more on how to get your business advertised on high profile websites for free, highly trusted sites like Bank of America, Yelp, Microsoft Earn, LivingSocial’s,’s rewards program, Swagbucks, Wells Fargo and many others, reach out to us via our contact us form or call 1-770-749-7422 to speak with an adviser today.

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